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My son is big for his age. The little stand alone potties didn’t work for him. We also tried a seat that sat on top of the seat, but it moved around and made him afraid to sit on the toilet. After putting the Super Potty Trainer on the toilet and letting him try it out, he took right to it. He isn’t afraid of falling in, and it stays in place. It is also easy to move or take out if you need to. I really like this product.

@ John D.


I purchased the Super Potty Trainer for my grandson. Ordering it was easy, and shipping was fast. Using the product was as easy as advertised. It was easy to install, easy to clean, and sanitize, and my 28-month grandson took to it immediately. I’m extremely happy I found this item, and I highly recommend this product.

@ Big Mac Grand Dada


I teach preschool. This is great way to make the potty work for all sizes. It’s super easy to put on and off and stays in place once set. Of course it takes little guys some getting used to, but I think it’s going to help my students get over a serious fear of falling in the toilet!

@ Bbonanom


I bought 2 of these to donate them to a preschool near and dear to my heart. I realized when I first saw it that it is a super sturdy and helpful product. The director of the preschool said they have been using this in with some of the littler ones & highly recommends it.

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Fun colors!

Kids think is a toy!

1 Pink and lilac
2 Blue for the wild!
3 Approved by kids!

I got your back, baby.

Loved by kids + grown ups alike.