Return Policy

The Super Potty Trainer is a product that requires to be placed on a toilet, so for sanitary reasons, we have a No-Return Policy. Please review the photos and information below so that you can welcome the Super Potty Trainer with open arms. 

Do you have toilet seat bumpers that "stick out"? 

"At least 2 seat bumpers" (that "stick out") are required to make the Super Potty Trainer work most effectively. See below what will work and what won't  (see also image on home page for example).

It's like making room for a new family member :-)


Check out the picture below:

Potty training is NOT an easy task for most children nor for the parents or caregivers, so if you have a toilet seat with no bumpers or that aren't sticking out, we recommend that you change your toilet seat with bumpers OR get some toilet bumpers (Walmart, Amazon, etc) and tackle potty training on Day One! (and by the way, even a toddler can change a toilet seat or add some bumpers!).

If you have ANY question, please let us know by sending us an email at:  Sometimes, Judy or Chris will simply call you to answer your question! How cool is that? :-)

Super easy to use.

Even a child can do it.

1 Lift the seat. Place the SPT on a dry toilet rim.
2 Lower the seat to secure. Make sure there is a gap to secure the SPT. See below Compatibility.
3 Adjust as needed. Enjoy fear-free toilet training!

I got your back, baby.

Loved by kids + grown ups alike.