The Super Potty Trainer® was invented by Judy in direct response to her child's fear of falling in the toilet, which caused her daughter to become severely constipated. It works! 

Known as the Queen of Potty Training & King of Manufacturing, Judy Abrahams & business partner Christopher Guerrera were honored to be featured on the Season 12 Finale of ABC's Shark Tank, where they pitched the revolutionary Super Potty Trainer®.

It consists of a steady back support that allows the child to sit "directly" on the toilet from day one, and adjusts the size of the toilet seat as the child grows. With its non-skid, high density silicone pads (coupled with the weight of the child), the Super Potty Trainer® will not move, defeating the fear of falling in the toilet.

Much more practical than the typical floor model training products currently on the market, this genius device is simple, one piece, one step that helps parents easily conquer potty training without any mess or stress. 

Did you know that most kids going through potty training suffer from constipation due to their fear of falling into the toilet hole?

Poor little ones! They “hold it” in response to that fear. Constipation is a serious condition, and Super Potty Trainer® was precisely invented for a severely constipated child who refused to use any of the traditional products.

Every child’s potty training experience will be less traumatic and less messy by using this innovative, mom-invented product.

Start your child off with the perfect partner in potty training!

The Super Potty Trainer® features a steady back design with non-slip pads, making sure that your little one stays in place from the moment that they sit down. This easy to use toilet trainer will have your child out of diapers in no time!

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